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“Kirit Industries” since 1959 has built a remarkable reputation in the standard and custom-engineered valve. Our unique design features our customers to install in any as we give option to customize hole. Our exhaustive testing, combined with an experienced and keen eye on all of these measures of quality control, makes us the leader in providing you with the right valve for the right job. Based upon our long-standing and diverse valve construction experience, KIRIT II PULP Valve can demonstrate a host of options and will customize the exact valve for your exact requirements. . Our company history is built upon that strength. You can have confidence in what we say, our track record demonstrates our commitment to provide the most reliable and hardest working pulp valves. Your environment, your health and the safety of your employees and end users are always at the forefront of every quality check we enforce. Whether it’s a standard or custom-designed valve, KIRIT INDUSTRIES makes it, AND MAKES IT RIGHT.


Pulp & Paper

For half a century, ”K.I” Engineered Valves has been a proven supplier of quality valve products designed specifically for the pulp and paper industry. Year after year, we’ve designed and engineered products and features uniquely adapted to pulp and paper processing. These valves substantially reduce downtime and maintenance costs and consistently outlive their payback period. Through testing and application, we continue to solve countless problems associated with pulping, bleaching, dewatering, recovery, papermaking, and recycling. Our valves are designed to provide long life in an industry where life expectancy of equipment is exceedingly low.


"K.I” is leader in fluid handling with 50 years of design, manufacture and fabrication of engineered valves with specific expertise in slurry applications. Mining customers depend on KIRIT IIEngineered Valves for consistent reliable delivery, cost effective solutions, and after sale support. We approach each customer’s requirements with the certainty that we have the right product to fit their most challenging valve application.

  • Better valve performance in mining and processing of metals and minerals
  • Less unscheduled maintenance downtime
  • Improved plant performance and pipeline reliability
  • Safety for operators

General Industry

“K.I” Engineered Valves provides valve solutions for a wide range of general industry applications. Industrial Gate valves have been used to solve problems associated with corrosive, erosive and abrasive media in such industries as steel production, pickling, and plating. Gate valves can be found in many applications in water and wastewater treatment, including chemical treatment, filtration, and sludge handling. The industrial Gate valve has been the valve of choice for demineralized water systems for the past 40 years.

Oil and Sand

Currently, there are two main recovery technologies that are employed to recover the bitumen from the ground. They are called, open pit (or conventional mining), and steam assisted gravity displaced (SAGD). With each type of bitumen recovery techniques, there are unique challenges placed on the valve technologies being used in the processes. Open pit techniques require knife gate valves to be resistant to heavy impacts and abrasion, and to be able to operate at high pressures. Knife gate valves in SAGD applications need to be resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, and be able to function properly in the presence of scaling deposits on the interior of the valve or associated piping.

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